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Release Of Lien Form

Release Of Lien Form

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  • General Contractor Combo Kit

    Best Value - General Contractor Combo Kit containing forms most frequently used by contractors. Included are Work Orders, Proposals, a Mechanic's Lien and General Contractor and Subcontractor Agreements.

  • Waivers & Releases

    Waivers and Releases to be used by those in the construction industry. Included are Waivers and Releases which have to do with the making of final and progress payments.

  • Amendment Agreements

    Amendment Agreements to be used by a general or subcontractor to amend an existing contract agreement. These amendment forms set out the specific terms to be amended and those which remain in effect.

  • Change Order & Declarations

    Change Order and Declaration forms used by contractors and subcontractors when working on a specific construction project. Forms include declarations that all accounts have been paid and change orders.

  • Contractor Proposal

    Contractor Proposal for use when detailing the specifics of a construction project. It sets out the total cost of the project and payment terms and schedule.

  • Demolition Agreement

    Demolition Agreement between an owner and a demolition contractor. This agreement set out the location of the project, what will be demolished and compensation paid to the contractor.

  • General Contractor Agreements

    General Contractor Agreements to be used by a contractor when making improvements on a client's home. It sets out all relevant terms including scope of project, materials to be used and fee paid to the contractor.

  • Mechanic's Lien

    Mechanic's Liens for use by contractors or subcontractors to place a claim against a property for which services were rendered but remain unpaid for. Filing such a lien will ensure that the contractor will be paid.

  • New Home Construction Agreements

    New Home Construction Agreements to be used when building a residence. These agreements include Fixed Price and Cost Plus and contain all relevant construction terms.

  • Release of Lien

    Release of Lien form which effectively releases a contractor's lien. This release sets out the property address and the specific work which was performed.

  • Request for Construction Proposal

    Comprehensive Request for Construction Proposal to be used when seeking candidates for construction projects. It sets out time frame for proposals and what information should be included.

  • Subcontractor Agreements

    Subcontractor Agreements between a general contractor and subcontractor who will assist on a home improvement project. This agreement includes the specific terms such as work to be performed and time for completion.

  • Work Order

    Work Order which gives all parties the scope of the work to be performed on a specific project. This form sets out a detailed description of the work and its total cost.